Martinique : An access to Paradise

   Hi guys ! Today I’m going to write about Martinique and what you MUST do if you go there. I’ve been to Martinique four times because my mother has islands origins and all her aunts and uncles live there. This is really an amazing place, where most of the tourists are french, which is a shame because the island deserves the world’s attention. Martinique is the definition of the word “paradise” ! 😉

    Being between the Atlantic ocean and the Carribean sea, the island of course has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For me there are four beaches where y’all should go. First of all, the most famous, the beach of the Salines. This beach is exactly like the beaches on the postcards : coconuts trees, white sand and turquoise blue water. One of the positive aspects of this place is that you can park you car under the tree’s shadow, which prevent the car from becoming a real oven ! 😉 all along the beach you will find small shops that sell ice creams, coconut sweets (a speciality of the region), balls and practically everything you need to spend a day at the beach.

The beach of the Salines

    The second beach I want to tell you about is the beach of the “Cap chevalier” (the knight’s cape). This beach is located on the Atlantic side, so the the landscape looks wilder and less touristic. But in my opinion the beach is as beautiful as the others. There are no coconuts trees or shops, but the water is hot, and really really crystal clear. You can take you snorkels and watch the various fishes that swim at your feets. The biggest advantage of this beach is that it is less famous than the Salines, so it’s never crowded.       

the Cap chevalier

   The third beach is called the “Anse Noire”. I love this one because the sand is black, which is really different from the usual beaches. It is curiously not too famous, so if you go there in the morning you’ll be alone. There’s a pontoon so you can jump and do flips in the water so that’s really cool ! If you are lucky you’ll be able to see tortles but I’ve personnally seen one only once. 

Anse Noire


     There are lots of activities I did there so I’m going to talk about four of these. The first one is for me the best. We took a catamaran at the Trois Ilets (a city on the sea shore). If you do this, you’ll spend the best day of your holidays I swear. We first navigated during the morning where we saw dolphins swimming next to the boat. We then stopped near a small beach in front of a colorful village. We ate on the boat delicious creole food. After the lunch, the boat went to the “Bats cave”. Trust me this is sick ! We entered the cave and saw thousands of bats on the stone. It smelt like shit but seeing all these bats was impressive. We then could scubadive and see all the colorful fishes in te turquoise see. It was a truly amazing ! 

Photo taken on the catamaran during the lunch : the colorful town



The outside of the Bats Cave !

    What you also should do is a day of kayak. You’re super exhausted at the end of the day but it’s dope ! We went to a small abandoned island with the kayaks where we ate and sunbathed. It felt like we were adventurers in the middle of the carribean sea ! That was an amazing day ! 😉


A little break between two small islands to enjoy the hot, crystal clear water


The abandoned island where we had lunch

    The other thing you really must do is canyoning in the jungle ! If you are scared of spiders and snakes you’d better not do that but for the others, follow my tip ! Canyoning is actully going down a river thanks to ropes. There are moments when you go down enormous waterfalls and this is just so impressive ! But an amazing ecperience ! You mustn’t have fear of heights though, cause some of the waterfalls are quite high ! We went to the north of the island which id wilder than the south and we really had a good time.

    After the canyoning, we went to St-Pierre, a historical city with lots of colonial buildings that add some charm to the place. The city is located next to the Montagne Pelée, the active volcanof the island, that erupted in 1902 and destroyed the whole city : the only survivor was a prisoner ! Here are some pics 😉

The view of the volcano from St-Pierre


A colonial building in St-Pierre


    So if I had one piece of advice, it would be “Go to Martinique !”. The landscapes are wonderful, the food is delicious, and people are so nice and welcoming ! If you like zouk and reggae music then you’ll definitely have a blast walking in the streets of the different cities. 

    I hope you liked this post and it maybe made you want to go to Martinique 😉 like, share and comment the post of you liked it ! 

                    Take care ! 


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