The Martian : Review

Hi Guys ! I HAD TO write this post about The Martian, Ridley Scott’s new movie that I just watched 2 hours ago which is a piece of art. This movie is way better than Gravity and as good (maybe even better) as Interstellar.  

Mark Watney (Matt Damon)

First of all the synopsis : During a expedition on Mars, a storm urges a team of astronauts to leave the planet. The only problem is that they left a member of their team, Mark (Matt Damon) on the planet, believing he had been killed by the storm. Mark will have to survive in the martian conditions. 

    I loved this movie because we are immersed in the action as soon as it begins. The two hours of the movie go by very quickly thanks to that action which is present the entire time. 

    Mark goes through multiple problems, and each time he somehow manages to solve them. The suspense is constantly present, especially in the last part of the film, but I won’t spoil anything 😉 During all the movie, we can’t help but wonder “What would I have done” because you realize how helpless and alone you are 80 millions kilometers away from Earth. 

    Matt Damon also deserves a round of applause for his MINDBLOWING performance. Honestly if he isn’t nominated for the Oscar of the Best Actor it means the academy has serious problems. Damons succeds in transmitting his emotions to the audience. Sometimes you laugh your ass off, at times you’re close to tears – I personnally never cry because of movies, but my sister was a mess-and all the time you feel stressed because of the risks taken by Mark. You really are IN the movie. You immediately like the character, who is very funny. 

   The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking : I don’t know if they were filmed somewhere on Earth or created numerically, but this is impressive. The 3D adds to the magnificence of Mars and the Space and make this experience even better. 

   Y’ALL SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE. Like, really. It’s purely fantastic ! It isn’t surprising though, Ridley Scott being one of the most talented directors of the world. I promise you’ll love this film. Undoubtedly one of the best movies of the year. 

   If you saw the movie, please comment and tell me what you thought about it, it interests me. Hope the post made you want to watch the movie ! 😉 

                                   Take care !


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