How To Get Away With Murder : Why you should watch

Hi Guys ! Today I’m talking about a fantastic show that y’all should watch if not already done ! This serie is called “How To Get Away With Murder”.

The cast of the show

I discovered this show in June when it was broadcast in France and immediately started to love it ! The story is not very simple but I’ll try to be quick.
This is about a Annalise Keating, a brillant lawyer who’s hired in a university as a Law professor. She’ll soon take under her wing 5 students who will help her to defend her customers. Each episode is about a different case (at the beginning) but there’s another plot, present in every episodes which is the thread of the serie.

I LOVE this show for many reasons. First of all, the character of Annalise is so interesting, we can see how brillant and tough she is but also how vulnerable she can be. She reminds me of Olivia Pope, but she’s (in my mind) better. The character is played by the fantastic Viola Davis, that you may have already seen in The Help. You will also see Alfred Enoch. He’s the one who plays the part of Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films. The five characters that surrounds Annalise (the students) are all very different but their personnalities really make the show even more entertaining !
The scenario is perfect for every person who likes suspense. In each episode, the spectator can do his own investigation thanks to the numerous flashbacks : we follow the real-time story, but we also get to know what happened earlier which permits us learning each time a little more about the main plot.

There’s always plot twists that keep us wanting to know more : you can make hypothesis about what’s next, but you can never be sure of what’s gonna happen and this is so great.

The season 2 started a few weeks ago and it is not disappointing at all. So if you’re tired of those series that are so predictable, watch How to Get Away with Murder. This is the best show of the year I swear.


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