The Weeknd : Beauty Behind the Madness, my opinion

    Hi Guys ! Today I’m writing a post about The Weeknd’s album “Beauty Behind The Madness”. You must have heard about it last month even if you’re not that much into music ! 2015 has been for the Weeknd the year of the rise to worldwide fame and this album lets me think that it’s only the beginning for the singer. 

The cover of the album

   First of all, y’all have to know the main topic of this album is sex. Sex, sex and sex. If you really care about lyrics I’m not sure you will love this album but if you don’t mind too much, “Beauty Behind The Madness” must be pretty cool. 

   The first song is called “Real Life” and really gives a preview of what the album will be like. The song is quite dreamy (I don’t know if that word is relevant in your language) with very low chorus and faster verses. This difference of rythm is unexpected and risky, but guess what, it works.

   “Tell your friends” is one of my favorite song. The piano gives a very jazzy vibe to the tune, very calming. The lyrics really show how distant and cocky The Weeknd (character ?) can be, living life how he wants, thinking his lifestyle (sex and drugs) is the best. However, the smooth atmosphere the music creates almost made me forget about that !

   “The Hills” is……simply amazing. I feel like it’s the highlight of the album. The mysterious voice and mid-tempo instrumental are dope ! I think every person that likes hip-hop and R&B will, if not already, enjoy the song. You can’t help but want to dance and sing along when the hypnotising chorus comes on. This song sounds a bit like Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo.

   You obviously all know “Can’t Feel my Face” that we heard all summer. This song is the most “joyful” of the album, it’s club-friendly and even if (in my opinion) not the best, it’s a highlight of BBTM. That’s The Weeknd’s first number one hit on Billboard, and it’s easy to understand why.

    But my favorite song of the album is definitely “In the Night”, song inspired by Marilyn Monroe which is about a woman being abused. Even if the topic is quite serious, the song’s in my opinion very radio-friendly and the chorus is quicker than most of the other tracks. There’s a 80s vibe that’s really enjoyable. You should really listen to that song if not already done. It will very likely become a single, I can bet on that.

   The last song I wanted to talk about is Prisoner featuring Lana Del Rey. The duet is the perfect match honestly. They’re both cold, distant and classy. Del Rey’s voice is unique, and makes the song sound intemporal : it could have been released 40 years ago and that would have been normal. The only things that remind us it’s a 2015 song are the percussions and electric sounds during the chorus.

   Beauty Behind The Madness definitely is one of the best album of 2015 so far, which have been in my mind a terrible year for music. The music really has a “I’m drunk, it’s 3 a.m. and I only wanna dance” vibe. Okay that’s not very clear, what I mean behind it is that the music really makes you wanna dance, but in a calmer, free and confident way, not in a “clubbing” way. No wonder why it’s been certified gold in the US with ober 500k copies sold ! 
   This album is Grammy worthy, and establishes The Weeknd as a serious, icy and edgy R&B king who doesn’t really give a fuck about being conventional. If you listened to the album I would be glad to know what you thought about it in the comments : I’ve only talked about the 6 most interesting songs in my opinion but you must have a lot to say about some other tracks ! Please share, like and talk about the post if you liked it ! 
                                Take Care ! 😉


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