Hi guys ! Hope you’re doing good 😉 Today I’m going to talk about racism because that’s a subject that involves everybody, everywhere. Ok I know that seems cliché but don’t worry, I’m going to go further than “racism is bad!” 
   In France, racism is still present in everyday’s life. In the bus, at school, in the medias… Even worse, some people are starting to claim they’re racists, encouraged by the rise of the FN (A political party that implicitly promotes racism and xenophobia ), lead by Marine Le Pen : you may have heared her name a couple years ago when Madonna treated her of nazi during one of her tour ! Of course most of the French population is open-minded but racist people remain present. For example, I went shopping with friends of mine this summer : at the exit of one shop, only one of us got controled by the guards, and guess what, he is skin-colored. 

  I guess the situation is quite the same in America. The only difference being that you american fight harder than us to end racism. When we heared that a policeman shot a young black guy, we also heard that there was demonstrations all over the country to fight against racism… in France, we unfortunately hardly ever have that…
   I think that’s so stupid that the human, the most developped animal on Earth, is able to make a hierarchy between his congeners… I hate the fact that a colored guy in a sweater is, in people’s mind, something that screams “watch out your wallet”. Personnaly I’ve never been a victim of racism, but some friends have, and trust me just hearing them talking about their experiences makes me so angry towards narrow-minded people. I won’t be like “oh everybody has the right to express their opinions bla bla” : THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEFENDING A CONSIDERED OPINION AND DEFENDING AN DISRESPECTFUL OPINION YOU THINK IS RELEVANT JUST BECAUSE YOU LEARNED IT FROM YOUR PARENTS ! 

  In France, racism is mostly towards Black and Arab people, in the US, mostly towards Black, Latinos and Native American (which is actully funny because they were the first ones on this land), in some country, racism is towards light-skinned people. So whatever are the victims of racism, the only thing that I think is stupid is that we’re 99,9% the same ! The only difference between us is our skin pigmentation, due to NATURAL reasons. That’s why I think racist people are so stupid, that’s why all I want to do is poke their eyes out (ok, I may be exaggerating but you understood what I mean) : they judge people according to something totally natural, something nobody can choose or change.
   Fortunately, the situation changed through the years ! I don’t think Beyonce, Will Smith or Rihanna would have been as inflencial as they are now in the 50s or the 60s ! PopCulture is truly a way to spread tolerance ! 

   But will racism have an end ? If you had asked me this question 2 years ago I would have answered yes, minds are changing, people start being tolerant etc. But I’ve realised that my generation isn’t more tolerant than the previous ones : if you go on Twitter, you’ll see that some people my age don’t hesitate tweeting racist stuffs, hashtags… Sure that’s a small part of the “twittosphere” I’m talking about but not insignificant and the fact that they spread their racist opinions on social medias doesn’t help the world changing. So I think racism can decrease but will never totally disappear because racist ideas are passed down through generations in some families and we cannot control that…
   Honestly I don’t have any idea on how to stop racism, but I think that children should be taught about it as soon as possible. You can also make donations to anti-racist organizations, that are more and more numerous and just talk about the topoc with your mates, your co-workers and whoever is a part of your entourage. I mean it, that is so important… And please keep in mind the picture below 😉


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                              Take care !


5 responses to “FUCK YOU RACISM

  1. I don’t think racism will ever end . And it hurts when I see that it’s still going strong to this day . I’m beginning to question if there is really freedom in the US as it says in the Declaration of Independence . But I’ve notice a trend lately on tumblr where African Americans are celebrating the way the look and the beauty in their skin color . That’s why I decided to put a picture of me in my post today . I tried a few times but I always delete it because I felt like my skin color is ugly . But I’m tired of appologixing for the way I was made . But I’m thankful for people like you who are aware of this issue and have the courage to speak against it 🙂
    thank you !

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